Class II Senate Election Results Announced

Washington D.C., January 17th, 2017.

Last night, jody7777 of the Federal Election Commission released the finalized tallies of the Class II Senate Elections which took place over the weekend.

1. [D] AdamStratton – 74
2. [P] Father_Satan – 63
3. [P] Makemydayplease – 61
4. [R] Isner – 60
5. [P] SheldonParty – 56
6. [P] Apteria – 56
7. [D] Ultify – 54

The Plutocrats still maintain a slight majority in Congress, with the Democrats holding the technical minority.

Democrat and current Vice President, AdamRStratton, pulled an impressive win out for the Democratic party, joining his Presidential partner, SuddenRush12G, in Congress. Fellow Democrat Ultify came in 7th place with 54 votes.

The Plutocrats held onto their majority with four seat wins. Plutocrat SurpriseParty told CNN, “the Democrats had more suspected alts than the Plutos” when asked for a quote.

The Republican Party picked up one additional Senate seat, leaving the former majority party with now two Senate seats and none in the House of Representatives. JeffSessions, the GOP Chairman, told CNN:

“I feel very confident in the Republican Party’s growth this election. It may be slower than what some people may expect, but we’re growing, and that’s what matters. After a period of stagnation, it’s great to see some of our officials getting elected. We’ll maintain this track we’re on and make sure we’re still growing as a party. And I promise everyone that reads this, we’re not going anywhere.”

– Isner, CNN Chief Operations Officer.

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