Supreme Court Overturns Judicial Branch Political Act

Washington D.C., January 14th, 2017

The Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, has overturned the Judicial Branch Political Act that aimed to prevent members of the judiciary from speaking, endorsing, or engaging in political thoughts or actions.

Members of the Supreme Court have been very vocal about their opposition to their act, stating it is a violation of their First Amendment rights. TimGeithner, the newest member of the Supreme Court, vowed on twitter to fight this until it was overruled.

Supreme Court Justice Sufferpoop issued the opinion of the Supreme Court late last night. His opinion was profane and unprecedented, you can read it below.

Justice Sufferpoop’s Concurring Opinion on the overruled Judicial Branch Political Act.

However, Justice TimGeithner later issued the serious opinion of the court, in which he emphasized continually the First Amendment right that still applies to sitting judges and justices. His eight page opinion, which can fully be read here, takes the hardline stance he promised he would from day 1.

– Isner, CNN Chief Operations Officer.

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