Senate Elections Underway

Washington D.C., January 14th, 2017

Class II Senate elections are underway in NUSA. Seven winners will be chosen tomorrow afternoon to serve in the United States Congress during an important time, confirming President-elect TheySinned’s nominees.

AdamRStratton and JackieSharp have been in alleged scandals since the beginning of Senate elections. AdamRStratton is accused of having Secret Service close the ad center last night so no one could outbid his ads. Secret Service Deputy Director EliteVeteran also told Secret Service agents on Discord this morning to vote for AdamRStratton or, “be fired.”

SS Deputy Director EliteVeteran telling agents to vote for AdamRStratton or, “be fired”.

FEC officials also tell CNN that they have received evidence that JackieSharp has been involved in bribery and plan to disqualify her as well. JackieSharp responded to allegations on Twitter by saying that this was “typical” of the FEC.

You can vote for Senate candidates here.

– Isner, CNN Chief Operations Officer.

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