TheySinned Nominees Set to Face Senate

Washington D.C., January 14th, 2017.

TheySinned won the Presidency twelve days ago in a land-slide victory. However, his biggest face-off may not of been election day, but instead may reside with the Senate as the President-elect aims to pass his nominees through.

High-level Senate sources have told CNN they anticipate a tough battle for some of the nominees, citing the President-elect’s promise for “fresh faces” and the perceived lack of delivery on that promise in the eyes of many Senators.

TheySinned has fired back in the past 24-hours, saying in tweets that he believes the Senate would aim to take down his nominees. The President-elect also briefly considered re-examining some of his DoD nominees but then issued a statement saying he would stick with his current choices.

A current list of nominees by the President-elect can be viewed below. Stick with CNN for the latest on confirmation hearings as they become available.

– Isner, CNN Chief Operations Officer.


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